Audacity And Renoise (& Midi Export)

I found an .xrns to MIDI program, and I have audacity, which can import MIDI files.
I’m not very familiar with audacity, but when I imported the song file into audacity it said I either needed to check my output, or the sample rate. My audio output was fine, and checked several times, but I wasn’t sure on which sample rate I could change it to, or where I could exactly change it.

Any one?

What exactly are you hoping to achieve by importing MIDI into Audacity?

(I’m asking because whatever it is, it may be possible to do it another way)

The Audacity Wiki shows that it can’t really do anything useful yet. Version 1.2 can only import MIDI to view it, and the 1.3 beta can perform basic editing of the data but nothing else. As far as I know it cannot render MIDI to WAV, for example, if that’s what you’re trying to do?

It was for basic editing and removing anything I couldn’t in renoise.

Audacity is mainly a WAV editor; if you want to edit music into Audacity, you should save it as WAV, not MIDI. Programs to edit MIDI files include Cubase, Logic and Rosegarden