Audiam music royalty collection agency. Serious or thug???

Some peole here who have experiences( good or bad) with them?

Here’s the official website: and Facebook Page:

After i uploaded a video with my latest track on Youtube, i got a message on Youtube about copyright infringement. But this is an own composition.

Al came out of my head. No melodies, or sounds, or other things were taken from other compositions. Even the used kick drum, hihats etc were made by me with drum synths.

it’s all my composition. All sounds were made from scratch with legally bought VST’s. All melodies came from my own ideas. No templates were used. No material from other artists were used. No 3rd party MIDI’s were used, nothing. Just my own music playing in Renoise. But they say i used parts with their copyrights in my song. I’m 10000% sure this is not the case.

I read lots of complaints on their Facebook page from people who have exactly the same problem with them.

I think they are just scammers.

If you have experiences with them, good or bad, please tell them here.


Wow, you wrote this in March and i just got suckered into the same scam, which is what it is!
You must of received an email from Audiams copyright admin like this:

Thank you very much for taking the time to upload your recordings to Audiam. It is vital that you read this entire email.

YouTube has made significant changes to its policies and systems that may impact our ability to monetize your sound recordings.

You MUST respond with an email back within seven business days of receiving this email and confirm that your recordings meet the following YouTube requirements. If you do not, we are required to delete your recordings from the Audiam database and not deliver them to YouTube.

Also note, if your recordings are found to be in breach of any of the below YouTube conditions, they are subject to immediate suspension and could also result in deactivation of your Audiam account as well as a $500 Audiam infringement fee.


  1. Your recordings do NOT contain beats, samples, loops, Sound Effects or other audio that is licensed from Royalty Free Catalogs, bought from catalogs that others buy from as well OR is available for free from Garage Band, Ableton, Logic, Fruity Loops and others. If so, your recording is NOT eligible for YouTube Monetization.

  2. Your recordings are NOT released under Creative Commons or similar free/open licenses

  3. Your recordings do NOT contain public domain recordings, or compositions

  4. Your recordings do NOT contain/use sound from other sources used under fair use principles

  5. Your recordings do not have sounds from video gameplay footage or TV shows.

  6. Your recordings do not contain any recordings of existing YouTube videos that are not exclusively controlled by you

  7. You control 100% of the sound recording

  8. You have not hired another company, like TuneCore or CD Baby, to submit and monetize your recordings on YouTube at the same time you are hiring Audiam.

  9. Your recordings do not contain beats/ instrumentals leased from a third party or contain beats/ instrumentals made available for third party lease

  10. Your recordings are not purchased from or made available for purchase on Royalty Free Websites or music databases like Audio Jungle, Theme Forest, Audio Micro, etc…

Again, if your recordings violate any of the above criteria we CANNOT submit them to YouTube for monetization.

We understand how frustrating this may be, and we apologize for the rigid tone of this email. YouTube has made this an issue and we must follow their requests. This is not Audiam’s requirement, this is YouTube’s requirement.

It was on march 2016. I got in personal contact with them some time later after i posted this here. They checked the problem intensively and came to the result, they never claimed anything of my production. They assumed me that they never heard about my production. They promised me, to get in contact with Youtube to clear the problem. And they did. The result was, that Youtube uses a automatic system, which should find copyrighted material in posted videos like melodies, lyrics etc. And this system is very buggy and detects a lot of wrong things which are not there. So it was a big mistake and they apologized and removed the claim.

So its youtube who is pulling the copyright scam? again?

It is 2019 and i still see the same exact messages from Audium and youtube…

What is concerning is how youtube removed a video containing evidence of criminal misconduct between a real estate tycoon and local police, the owner of this building a women livd in left a message on hr answering machine threatening to hurt her if she did not help him evict a black tenant-neighbor in the building, it was extortion, witness tampering and a link to 114 other victims that fallowed FOUR YEARS LATER thanks to youtube removing the video prosecutors wanted to see and hear not once but TWICE within a year.

The first time they removed the video they received complaints form the perpetrator and concluded that the content invaded their privacy.

The second time he posted the video she warned that it could be taken down and stated that she also recorded police fusing to take complaint from her tasing that the real estate tycoon and owner of her building is a client of theirs! , she asked people to spread the video around, make copies etc yet within 48 hours youtube not only took it down but this time claimed the copyrights to it themselves! same client? thy told her that th video was removed because of a copyright complaint.

After a few hundred people asked what happened and she made yet another video explaining how youtube removed the evidence she had posted hoping to reach the DA or prosecutors and their investigators because sending a letter is not required when you have such evidence, people normally fail a police complaint when video capture a bank robber, a car thief removing th vehicle from a dealers parking lot, a murder and so on but here is a women showing evidence that youtube was collaborating with police to help them target a black man living in her building simply because he wanted to sell it.

And it later turned out the ray state tycoon’s son served in the US NAVY , then police, so vets like these ar protected from civil prosecution.

My point is youtube makes their own laws, the only way to change them is by filing a cals action which will the b re evaluate by congress who can enforce a fine with lawmakers and one thy pay that fine and stop the activities they will hav to comply with the new laws.

Th problem with these legal procedures is th victims never money but only win their copyrights back.