audio capture device

With my previous soundcard ( edirol ua 25) I was able to real time record some vsti’s into the audio editor , because my soundcard had this internal routing knob .

So , wouldn’t it be great if we had an ’ audiocapture 'dsp device which can be inserted in any track …and whatever plays on that track can be recorded in the audio capture device ( all in RAM offcourse ) .

It’s then a matter of drag and dropping into the audio editor for further processing .

It is of course no substite for audio tracks , and yes the same thing can be done with ‘render to sample’ …but jamming on the keyboard —> realtime capture —> drop …would be ace

NOw , that I think of …it’s like image line ‘edison’

What is fun is that you can already do this with jack on linux. A bit complicated though. First you output a track where you’re jamming a vst via midi mapping to seperate outputs in the mixer. Then you feed them back to renoise inputs via jack internal patching - and record them to sample in a track with a line input device.

I think jack can also run on windows and mac…is it supported in renoise as driver for those platforms, or linux only? Or is there an asio/coreaudio link tool for this?

The essence is a software link back that handles the feeback problem with proper delay, maybe there are other means for doing this on windows or mac?

But a sample grabbing device would be ace, yep.

Dunno if this helps, but many try to use Melda MRecorder? Also can do sync-recordings.

well yeah , But it’s all about the drag and drop .

You create a nice kick drum with a vst …;record it into the capture device / drag drop to audio editor …all without the hassle of defining a record path etc…all done in RAM memory .

Yes linux users have jack , osx users have soundflower etc…

I wish my focusrite scarlett had this option as found on the edirol ua 25 …press digital button …;boom …resampling on the fly .