Audio Card Not Supported

I HAVE PROBLEMS WITH MY DIGI001 RACK (DIGIDESIGN) when I play the soundcard crash my songs and I have to restart my pc.

I haven’t problems with other soundcards, but this one is the best I have and I would like use it because is connected also to my mackie mixer in my studio. I installed direct x and all things are correct and work with other digidesign soundcards or shitty soundcard, but I don’t understand why this one don’t work… please let me know

Which platform do you use?
(e.g. have you tried Windows 2000? (it is more stabile))
And does that soundcard work properly in any host at all?

Did you downloaded the latest drivers for your soundcard?
You can also try the following installation sequence of drivers: first upgrade to the latest DirectX, then install the soundcard’s driver update.

I think the drivers won`t work. There must be a reason why digidesign cancelled the devlopment and the support of digi001 and force their users to use digi002 instead.


What do you mean? I used a lot of f****in software, like fruity, reason, logic and cubase correctly, but why renoise don’t work with asio-digidesign driver? with the audiocard of the motherboard works correctly!
someone know that? :unsure:

An onboard soundcard, now this supplies some more light upon the situation:
Renoise may work better if you disable the audiocard upon your mainboard.
There were other users that had problems when having two audio devices being enabled and installed within Renoise.

But i rather suspect IRQ / DMA sharing is causing of a lot of pain in this situation.
It’s an issue that exists since the DOS period where audio devices could not share their IRQ’s.
And i think that with at least ASIO devices this counts for the same.

Check for resource conflicts (usually for audio card you can manually change them if you set the BIOS to manually handle your hardware resources) or turn off the other soundcard in the BIOS, i think you may get a lot further that way.