audio clips in Sampler don't play by keyboard

I have a situation where my audio clips in my mix, only trigger partially or sometimes.

So I have gone to me Sampler to view the clips, and the waveforms appear as expected, however, none of the keyboard key (bottom of screen) will play the clip.
Holding down a key (’,’ = c4) will animate the playhead (line) thru the waveform, but I get no sound.
However, clicking the small play button (‘play the selected area’) both animates the playhead and plays the clip.

Am I doing something wrong to cause this?
I mean they play most of the time in my sequence, but not always… and it seems that they fail more often on the sections with cuts. (as opposed to a single trigger and playing thru)

Is there any difference between playing a Waveform via the little play button, or clicking the keyboard key that matches?
Because, this issue is also apparent viewing my SM-909 GMkit. If I click to view any of the contained samples, I can view the waveform, I can play it via the play button, but I can use either the graphic keyboard, or my computer keys.

I am running version 3.0.1

Is there any difference between playing a Waveform via the little play button, or clicking the keyboard key that matches?

In the case of a GMKit, this means that the samples have been mapped to a specific keyboard layout in the keyzone (more specifically, the General Midi drumkit layout)

I’m guessing that this is what throws you off - try taking a look at the sampler keyzone and see how it’s done?

Each key should correspond to one (or more, stacked) samples.

If you want to work with a specific sample and play it freely across the whole keyboard, you can extract the sample (copy it into a new instrument).

If this is not the problem, perhaps you could share the song? Just PM me in case you prefer to keep it private…

Thanks for getting back to me…
please excuse me if in the end this is a simple user screw up… I’m pretty new.

I have some clips keymapped, and other not. I have gone thru some of the sample songs, and I can play the clips,keyzones etc within them…
With my file… maybe its become corrupt?

It just seems that playback will cut out, but only on these clips (sometimes midway thru)… leaving me in a state where, while viewing them in the Waveform window, I can only play them via the small play button.
Luckily this is not an important piece… more a learning project, so not the end of the world.

One interesting thing, is that the keys (both the built in and comp keys) work to trigger the clips if the sequence is being played.
I can trigger, and play the samples in any key over the sequence play back.
If I then stop playback it continue to work for a bit… until it again fails.

** important maybe to mention that I first noticed this issue with Vocal clips (not huge, but larger than others)

It would be great if you could share that file - instrument, song, whatever.

Else, it’s really hard to say what is the problem.

Do you use sample fx chains? Maybe you are playing these clips on different tracks and one if these tracks are currently muted.I got confused at the first time, when i stumbled over this.Instruments with sample fx chains cant be played on more than one track, because of the effect routing. At the end, it would be the best, when you create a small demo song and attached it here.

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