Audio / Data splitting and routing

The equivalent of the SPIDER in reason - is it possible to split audio and data? I suppose with data, the hydra may be used in some way - but can it be done with audio?
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Right now, the hydra just splits a data signal that can be fed into other devices, but not vsts(to my knowledge). I don’t believe that there’s any way to route audio itself to different channels and effects using the same functionality of Spider.

What do you mean by splitting audio? Try actually describing what you want to be done, rather than just naming something that does it and assuming everybody is going to be versed in it!

Audio in Renoise can be split as much as you want! Add a Send Device, select Keep Source, add another Send Device, select Keep Source, carry on ad infinitum and you can have your audio split into as many different tracks as you want! Use multi-band send and you can do it for different frequency ranges easily!!

It may not be as easy as with whether this Spider Device is, plus the audio routing is still limited to standard stereo signals, but splitting and recombining to the nth degree is very much possible!

OK had a quick skim read of an SoS article on the Spider devices.

  • Audio Splitting can all very easily be done with Send Devices and Send tracks.
  • Audio Merging can easily be done with Send Devices or by Grouping the tracks together.
  • CV Splitting can be done with the Hydra (and is already more advanced.)
  • CV Merging can be done with the Formula Device to at least some extent and some examples have been built I believe. Maybe not as intuative currently…)
  • Gate Splitting/Merging are not possible. The merging in particular looks like it could be interesting!

Thanks, thats what I thought. The only method of doing it I can see is with multiple sends but its a really messy solution.

I appreciate your help, ah the enigmatic formula device! Are track inputs are possible? So we could send signals back through an existing device chain? Or is this only possible with send tracks?

Formula Device only operates on Control Data, not Audio Data. Therefore there is nothing to send into an existing device chain. CV = Control Voltage. That version of the Spider Device obviously only works on control data too.

Yep; Audio in Reason is different ‘plug types’ just like in Renoise. There’s *Signal Follower though.
One thing that’s a more advanced ‘combiner’ than the CV Spider and hasn’t been named is the *Meta Mixer (which imo misses min/max output scaling but yeah… it’s pretty kickass still) - in the tutorials/demos there’s a meta mixer demo too.

I forgot there was now an officially sanctioned one, which does not require use of the hidden Formula Device :)

It’s pretty cool, also has twice the amount of inputs vs Formula. It’s buggy on multicore tho. :( (or was that sigfol?)

The meta mixer is great; especially if you automate the sends with an LFO. The only slight drawback is that the signals are filtered; so in actual fact what I would like is a meta mixer without the filtering options!