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Check this out:

Based in Helsinki, maybe moving to Silicon Valley, I’m sitting in a sort of web-dev coop/cafe and some guy who has friends working here told me to check it out.

They basically broker sound design contracts and hold contests to crowd source the work. Maybe I should move the topic the contests sub-forum. Seems like an interesting way to network pro audio, maybe a good way to open the door for more opportunities even.

Anyone here know these guys?

Current contest is $1000 for Marimekko.

Heh, my girlfriend loves that brand.


Gonna move this thread to Music Competitions, then.

Sounds just as attractive as a freelancer job. Basically it is one. And I just checked the Company introduction video background music. There are already around 60 submissions and many of them are really worth it.
Just like a real freelance site. The cash is big, therefor the competition is enormous.
But who knows, maybe it’s the way of the future? :rolleyes:

I’ll probably register, but I don’t think I’ll find myself specifically doing tracks for those contests. Only if I’ll have some loose melodies.

cheers, will sign up.

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Congratulations nebdiaan! Renoisers taking over. ;)

Cool, congrats nebdiaan!

First off… CONGRATZ! Second off thank you for letting us know about this connor!!! AWESOME IDEA!!!

What a novel idea. :]