Audio From Exe-Files

i once started a topic about importing all sorts of files, but could not find it. so posting this here.

Holy crap, thats the most awesome thing I’ve seen paint doing, ever.

edit: awesome, Renoise handles them .exe files too :D

edit 2: running ableton live in Renoise mind = blown

edit 3: I don’t want to sound paranoid but does anyone else hear voices in winamp.exe at around 14 seconds? :blink:

ok, you got me going. some things i found out:

  • log files work well
  • .db files etc work well
  • get the hell into your system32 and start playing .dll
    (try this one: C:\Windows\System32\en\Narrator.resources.dll)

Yeah I was playing a lot of different filetypes as well. I dont have the Narrator file there tho’ (win 7 64bit) the file AuthFWSnapln thats in there sounds pretty good too :dribble:

some sweet synthe samples in renoise starting a little before b8 ending a little after d5, goes into a squelch later. another around dc to e5, a little before f0 to f5, then at the end is a weird little synthe.
00 to a0 is for the most part complete noise with lot’s of highly intricate sounds in it.

Doesn’t work on Mac. :(


So in theory it should be possible to send an exefile as a sound?

Funny you should mention this. I tried this a few days ago but I can’t get the sound to be turned back to its original form again. (tried with notepad++)

I tried it with a picture.

Cool i found firefox shortcut sounds quite good ;)

this is an old technique from amiga-times to get the samples from a game into your soundtracker. Nothing new in my eyes (ears)- difference is: there you picked the samples and didnt cared about the rest.

Works for me.
Did you click the button to “Show all files…”?