Audio in sequencing

Does anyone know of a way to gate sequence a live audio input with Renoise? I’m thinking specifically of something like the gate sequencer on the Korg Electribe series, where you can turn on/effect the audio in per step.

There are many ways to achieve this. Not familiar with the Electribe gate sequencer, but I’m sure you can come up with a pretty good approximation in Renoise.

The most simple approach would involve having the Renoise song running, and passing the input to a track (Line-In device). Then you add whatever effects you want, and automate their enabled state (on/off) via pattern commands.

This is also the core idea behind the “Baguetter”, a DSP device sequencer (works in 3.1). At least, check it out to see how it automates the devices.

An alternative approach would be to stuff all of this inside an instrument and crossfade between effect chains on the fly (running the effect in a parallel instead of serial configuration also opens up some other possibilities).

I believe this could also help to get rid of those audible artifact that are otherwise a side-effect of enabling/disabling effects on the fly, and would also just generally bundle things nicely together.

Perhaps I’ll do a little proof of concept for the latter approach :wink:

Nice, thanks! I’m investigating cashing out of Eurorack and am looking to replicate the functionality of this module in Renoise:

It sounds like it might just be possible.

Volume cut command

ahhh fuck …overlooked live input .

Time to go to sleep …