Audio In

Hello, I´m new to renoise and also tracker. But after a short time I am a great fan of renoise!
So, if there is the possibility record my synthesizers in renoise to an audiotrack, I could use the tracker standalone, and I would like to use it standalone!
Can I hope for it or is it too dificult to implement this feature?

Probably. I think it was ranked third most wanted feature in a recent poll in the backstage area. See also…d487c6171a02ba9

Right now, i have cool edit 2000 (yea, it’s old but i did pay for it) running in the background recording stuff. It works, but it kinda messes with the creative flow. The track rendering feature in renoise is kickass. I wish there was something like that for audio input. Built-in recording, or audio-in for processing external stuff with VST effects would be very nice.

Isn’t that the sampling option? Although related, those are two seperate things… Audio input could not be voted for, so perhaps they are the same feature?

In fact I think this suggestion ínvolves 3 components: 1. audiotrack feature (kind of like Cubase/Audition style but vertical?), 2. Line-in recording, 3. Live recording (to audiotrack). Of cause all three features are very welcome.

Luckily most Renoise users don’t agree with you, and Rewire ended up at the end of the list. :P

Although I agree with the tickless player routine.