"Audio IO" and no sound with VST

Hey everyone,

I am new to Renoise and currently having issues with getting my NI Massive VST to produce sound.

When I choose “DirectSound” as my audio preference, everything works pretty well (except for a few crackles). I really want to use ASIO, though. When I do this and hit play, I get an error:

“Cannot start playing because Audio IO is disabled. Set up an audio device or make sure the selected device is running properly in Renoise’s audio preferences tab.”

I have researched this but am still not clear on what it means.

Thanks so much for your help! The forums have been fantastic so far for a beginner like me :slight_smile:

Silly question, but do you actually have an audio interface with proper ASIO support?

If you do have one, are you sure that it’s not already being used by some other audio software? Since the ASIO driver gives lower level access to the audio hardware, it typically cannot be shared among multiple applications in the same way that DirectSound can.

If you’re getting crackles with DirectSound, try increasing your Latency a little bit. Even just an extra 5-10ms can often improve things quite noticeably.

Thanks. I do have an interface, but I’m not using it right now. Usually I can use ASIO without plugging in my interface, though.