Audio latency compensation

Dear Renoise Users,

I don’t know if i’m totally missing something, or not paying attention to certain things or topics…
Though i couldn’t find any stuff about audio latency compensation.

My problem is this :

I’ve a renoise project and have certain groups/tracks that i want to route through my mixer and back to renoise again.
That works fine, though i’m getting some latency. Pretty normal with a buffersize of 30ms.
Now my question is : is there a compensation tool so my buffersize could stick to a 30ms buffersize and the audio will be compensated so it will run tight with the tracks that are not routed outboard?

Million thanks already to the one with the answer :)!

PS : you had this kinda feature in logic that was called slow latency compensation.

Under the faders in the Mixer view you have the Track Delays. Can you not do what you want with these? Set the outgoing tracks to -60ms maybe? Buffersize of 30ms will give at least 30ms in each direction (although buffers aren’t the only factor for latency so it might be a bit higher.)

I think I do remember some threads about people finding this setting didn’t quite give delay values of amounts sometimes needed though… Experiment and see if you can get it to do what you want.


I’m already messing a bit around with the track delay’s, though it thought it might get a bit messy when you’ve a whole project running like that.
i thought there might be a better solution, but so far it goes it’s fine :)

It’s not a bad idea to maybe have a little checkbox next to the Routing dropdown where you can send a track’s audio to an audio interface directly, rather than to the Master channel. This could be labelled Return Feed or similar and automatically add a negative delay calculated to be as close to roundtrip latency as possible, then only some fine adjustment might be needed on the track delays sometimes.

I don’t believe there is currently anything like this though…

I suspect the majority of sound-card developers disallow this kind of feedback in their driver control to protect their device.
If there is already some kind of reroute facility, it is usually offered by the soundcard driver itself.

But we’re not talking about anything like that! We’re talking about sending audio from a track (or send) to an output of your interface, running it through external gear and back into Renoise. All professional cards operate in duplex mode! All report their basic latency or at least the bugger. Roundtrip latency is often double this (plus a little for your DAC/DAC.) Then you might also need to add a little for your external processing.

What’s the problem with that?

Nothing, just rereading your comment and noticing i misinterpreted that you posed an idea to route output directly to an input.
So disregard my comment.

hmm… it’s weird that there isn’t any ‘negative’ latency thingie for this. Most of the time when you setup a buffersize the latency won’t be different by time anyway right?
Or am i missing something completely here?

Or instead of giving the recording channel a negative latency, give the rest of the channels a positive latency so it’ll run nicely

Huh?? Track Delays can go negative as well as positive, as stated earlier in the thread.

Not sure I understand. You have Output Buffer, Input Buffer, AD/DA conversion time plus external processing and transmision/propagation time. Or if only recording/playing into a track you then have the buffer plus conversion time plus a small propagation delay. At any rate it’s never going to be exactly the same as your buffer size, but it should be close.

Well surely that’s exactly what a negative delay does! Bit easier than going through every single other track and putting in a positive delay isn’t it!!

Most def!

I know you can put the track delays on negative, but somehow when you have a line input on a channel it won’t react on negative delay… Or am i doing something wrong?
Any way… bummer Renoise doesn’t record your line inputs when bouncing in realtime :-(…