Audio/Midi Interface For Livepa

I need an audio/MIDI interface for my live setup and I’m not really sure what to get. I know this topic probably comes up all the time, but please indulge me. My setup will consist of my computer running renoise, a gameboy running LSDJ, and a microkorg. The audio from all of these will be run to a three channel dj mixer. The mixer’s audio will then be run to a kaoss pad. Renoise will be controlled by my nanokontrol MIDI controller. Basically, I’m going to run both lsdj and renoise at the same bpms and tweak and trigger stuff in them and beatmatch them for transitions from one to the other, using the kaoss pad for glitchy stuff and the transitions. I want to sequence the microkorg from renoise and also sync the kaoss pad as MIDI slave to renoise. I have considered both USB and Firewire interfaces but I’m not sure which type would be more useful. I have also considered buying a MIDI interface and then also a sepereate audio interface. I just need to know the pros and cons of both USB and Firewire interfaces and whether the audio that runs out of my computer is inferior to the quality of audio that would run out of an interface.

Please someone…please give me an answer!

Bit hard to give much in the way of recomendations without knowing budget, number of in/outs needed, what types (line, mic, instrument) etc.

Very few (in fact I believe no current production models) have the TI firewire chipset and many have problems event using a firewire ExpressCard, PCMCIA card due to the controller chip being the same. USB often has a lot of other devices, many of which may be using USB1.1, so can be beneficial to try and keep your main interface off this bus.

Personally I would like to get a RME ExpressCard (most likely Multiface II) but don’t feel I can really warrant the expenditure with where I currently am with things. But for something a bit more budget with less ins/outs the Echo Layla cards are reported to work well, be stable and might be worth considering.

They don’t use them for ALL their motherboards though do they? Many motherboard manufacturers may use them on a few of their higher end boards and for desktops you can still find it but for laptops it is near enough an impossibility. Although some of the other chipsets are apparently getting better… (eg some of the new Via apparently work OK for most people.)

Ah, yes, the everlasting search for TI chipsets.
I’m now very happy with the Roland/Cakewalk UA-101 which uses USB 2.0
I never had a soundcard this reliable and there are plenty other satisfied users on this forum if I read correctly.

You had bad experiences with one of these( hybrid ) ?

Yep, on the update before last and also on MacBook Pro, not only the iMac.

Remember talking to one audio systems designer and as an OEM manufacturer he had contacted TI to try and find who in the PC world was still buying the TI firewire chipset. Apparently not a single laptop manufacturer had put in an order in over a year (this was about 18 months ago.)

And I know people who have Gigabyte boards with Via chipsets. Think they’re quite old boards and a quick search seems to show them using TI on the i7 boards at least so could be good news. Not had any experience of them and the laptop world though…

Thanks for all the info you guys. I have come to the conclusion that I have to get a USB interface due to the simple fact that I can’t afford a firewire one. They are just way too expensive. By the way, could someone explain to me why firewire interfaces are literally like twice as much as their USB couterparts. Does it really cost that much more to manufacture them, or is this just simply a scheme to make retarted amounts of more money.

Ok, so I keep seeing you guys talking about these chipsets. What do you mean by a dedicated chipset?

I got a presonus firebox at the recommendation of some folks on this board, I love it, although I did need to use a pre amp to record.