Audio monitoring while rendering


I use Renoise to sequence some hardware synths and I would like to record the effect of moving potentiometer while rendering the song. Like recording a live act within Renoise.

Rendering the song in real time allows recording external devices, but I would like to be able to hear what I am doing live.

Is it possible to do such a thing?


Jist trying to brain storm here since I find this could be an issue I face in due time. I have not yet used Renoise to trigger external devices, but my setup is a little different anyways even if its mostly hardware, I use those to trigger synths or drum machines without going through Renoise via midi cables. But afaik if the render algo does not allow you to listen to the live changes but records them nonetheless, it’s a cool feature anyways.

Renoise is a little let’s say constrained when it comes to extensive multitracking audio recording but that is not really the intended design of a sampler/sequencer/tracker combo anyways,but says more about our expectations from it. So the best solution for this since you are relying on the render function is to use an external recorder and a simple mixer setup to distribute your outputs from the synth to both Renoise and the external recorder for both live use and use within Renoise of it matters to you this way. The simplest way is to just feed Renoise and the synth to their individual inputs on a basic mixer and record via a recorder to an SD card or to the hard-disk , which will still be real time.

Automation also might work if your synth supports CC changes and though I am not sure if Renoise supports full CC midi output it’s worth trying to see if those CC values can be automated for your purposes. Alternatively if your synth gives off CC changes for the knobs then just record them to a midi track or in Renoise and let it do its thing.

A Beringer MX 200 4 channel simple line mixer is one of the most basic you can find. Xenyx models are very good too. Yamaha makes some really awesome mixers. For portability Zoom R8/R16 have SD card multi track recording along with drum machine and guitar FX support and are totally worth their price. Then BOSS BR 80 series of battery operated multitracking studio pocket gear show enough promise though I am not totally sold on it for various reasons. If you have any recommendations please provide them here.

Maybe you could describe your setup so we can have a better picture of your situation.

PS. I like the profile avatar icon you have, cute, are you a female by any chance? Just asking!

I am unaware of a Renoise-only solution.

When I want to capture a song while using real-time interaction I use Reaper and ReaRoute to record it.

Reaper is awesome and relatively inexpensive. But not free.

Audacity is free and I think you could do the same thing; I’ve used it to record from Spotify (shh! tell no one!) so I’m pretty sure it can grab the audio from Renoise. But I’ve never done that.

If you’re on Windows and don’t mind using 32-bit plugins, then Voxengo Recorder is a nice little freebie.

Insert the VST on your master track, tell it where to dump the .WAV file recording, then simply enjoy jamming live and twiddling knobs like a mad man until your hands are sore! :slight_smile:

Similar apps for system wide use exist for MacOS too but I never tried them as it’s not part of my workflow. But for speaker audio capture, Total Recorder used to work on Windows for years when I used to rip off internet Real Player audio lists and forum audio chats and music when they were still a thing.

The fun of using a hardware mixer is unbeatable though:) especially the big ones…

Thanks guys, I managed to do it using Audacity by switching my audio interface to loopback mode :slight_smile:

Also tried the Voxengo plugin, great little tool!