Audio out and back in

Hey there, first post, total noob so forgive me if this is dumb but…
I have an old Mackie mixer, and I want to run a 909 kick sample from renoise, through it, and then back into renoise to resample it with the added warmth/gain/eq from the mixer.

I have absolutely no idea how to make this happen, but I’m positive it’s… a thing… Any ideas?

Update: I figured it out sorta but there’s a bunch of feedback unless I’m super careful with the gain, and it’s generally pretty messy/noisy (in a bad way) :thinking:

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The ‘Line Input’ device can be useful for this kind of thing.

Just send it out the sound card and bring it back from the mixer?I have no problems with my old mackie,should be straightforward.Well it is straightforward as I do it all the time.You should not have any feedback unless gained near max.Sounds like you might be over complicating things.4 cables is all it should take, 2 out 2 in.

Hey man, you are having feedback because you are probably sending the master or Renoise to the mackie to monitor Renoise? If so, use one group from the mackie to return back to Renoise (audio interface).
So not route the group to mackie’s main out and you are good to go. Whatever you want to monitor/ record into Renoise, you route it to the group on the mackie.