Audio Output Mapper

Hoi overthere,

I use renoise with 2 delta series cards, so I have 12 audio outputs.

I use those outputs mostly for drums, so I would like to have 8 mono outputs and 2 stereo outputs for my stereo fx. I can imagine people don’t need stereo outs at all.

A flexible router would be very nice so everybody can choose how many and what kind of outputs they would like.

A flexible audio router…
I had a dream…

+1 from me!

Good idea

Any news on the mono-outputs instead of stereo?


Then you could split the outs and track in surround sound.

If your audiocard has ASIO drivers, it usually also broadcasts the audio channels that you can route.
Renoise can only read the audio channels from the audio driver that is offered.

If the mono outputs are offered in other DAW’s but not in Renoise, that can be a bug.

In cubase I can setup mono outs or combine 2 mono outputs to 1 stereo-output.

In Renoise I have to pan the sounds maximum left or right to get the same effect. This is not the way it should work, you always get some of the signal on the wrong channel.

i’ve added this “Selected Track Output Routing” feature into Paketti. hopefully it’ll help.
i’m a shortcut kinda guy, so i guess it wouldn’t be too troublesome to make it into a GUI, but i’ll leave that for later

selected track output routing

p.s. added the “Audio Output Routing GUI” idea as a ticket to Paketti here: