Audio Pops And Drop-outs With 1.8 Demo

If anyone has seen my previous few posts here, I’m still trying to evaluate Renoise by playing with the demo. The best way to see if it’s something I can use creativity is to actually work out a song with it, so I’ve been working on a new track. It’s been a much better way to learn than simply reading tutorials and watching videos.

One issue I’ve been having is I’ve been getting the occasional pop and audio drop-out (pause?) when playing a song. Does anyone know if this is just an issue with the demo? Does the full version have this problem? What about the new beta? Is this just an issue with output through your sound device? In other words, will this crop up in rendering too?

As I think I’ve hinted, I’m using the 1.8 demo. I’m running this all under OS 10.3.9 on a MacBook Pro with 2 GB of Ram. I’ve noticed the pops and audio drop-outs when using Core Audio and when playing through my Soundsticks (the older version shows up as a audio device, because it’s USB, not just a headphone jack). I haven’t tried running it through my MobilePre, but I guess I could try that.

I appreciate everyone’s help and wisdom. So, thanks in advance!


At which CPU usages in Renoise do you get these drop outs or crackles?
Have you already tried to increase the latency in Renoises Audio preferences?

Bantai – Thanks for the clarification.

Taktik – I’ve been getting the pops and drop-outs at around 15 - 20% of my CPU usage. I appreciate the reminder of latency. I had it set to 16 ms. When I bumped it up to 64 ms, playback improved, but I still got the occasional drop-out. I wonder if this has more to do with the VST instrument I’m using (Zebra CM), than issues with Core Audio.

Thanks again for your help, guys. I really appreciate it.