Audio Routing - change several busses at once


in the Plugin section of renoise ist there a chance to change multiple bus entries under Audio Routing at once? Or do I have to change every single entry? Example: Drumazon vst has 12 busses and I want to change them all to track 4 - how can I select all entries and set them to track 4? Or do I need to change every single entry one after another?
Screenshot 2022-05-26 104901

You have to change every single entry manually. Save it as a preset xrns, so you can quickly access the given routing at any time.

Thank you very much!!!

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Maybe a feature for future realease?
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I think routing is special. It’s not only related to the plug-in, but also to the hardware. Imagine you got a digital mixer or a multi-IO interface. So it’s probably better to change everything to your needs on your own.