Audio To Midi

You know what i find funny…
I was attempting to look for a quick wav-pack containing full key piano samples and i first stumbled upon this site containing the vocal dopefish used and i stumbled upon a audio to midi converter here:

Using MidiYoketo route the midi signals to Renoise and then picking some nice VSTI to play the translated sequence…

This is the unpatched result:…mposer_test.mp3

This tool is actually capable of translating any audio in or through to midi.
Do your benefit with this tool.

Dead link!?

Which one? all work fine here…

Your Page was dead a while :)

Damned :) This sounds weird :) So - converting audio to midi is better been done with “dry”-Vocals, I guess :)

you may try widi instead.

i just did some experimenting with this, i tried WIDI, INST2MIDI, Akoff & TS-Audio.

out of the 4 TS-Audio works the best, it seems to actually do harmonic conversion instead of pitch tracking.

it seems with the pitch tracking method, you get a considerable delay, i think what they are doing is going by zero crossings, so it isnt too quick.

with harmonic translation like in TS-Audio you can have multiple freq’s/notes and it sounds good!

i was just playing some chords on my bass guitar an they were translated reasonably fast. i actually got the chord i was playing on my bass guitar into albino! tho i think i will have to look at my sample buffers, because i noticed alot of clipping when losely playing chords,
lots of harmonics = lots of resources being called.

it is acurate enough to do a slides on the fretboard, it sounds just like running your fingers over piano keys.

10 years! ive waited for something that works good enough to use realtime!

Just as an addition for lazy ones like me. ;)