Audio Track Idea...

I posted this idea in the arranger sticky. I spose it was the wrong place to put it, but nobody has replied so I thought I’d make a new post for the idea as it’s not to do with the arranger.

This is my idea (mostly copy and paste from the arranger post):

The thing I would most like to see would be a bunch of vertical audio tracks.

Let me explain… I feel as though renoise has one giant flaw which screws people who still use hardware: you finish perfecting the part of your analogue synth in the song and you wanna commit that to ‘tape’ so you can pull out all the cables and make a new part. All you need to do is record onto a vertical track which runs next to the pattern sequencer. It would be independent from the patterns however and could be moved and the boundaries resized (but quantized to the length of one pattern: I’m talking long parts only! Short parts can just be recorded as a sample and then triggered in the normal way). Thats it! If it could be brought up in the sample editor that would be cool too.

But essentially just this:

The audio output of the tracks would come out on new assigned tracks in the mixer and there wouldn’t be any tracks until you added one. I am aware you can already record into renoise which is great and I do that all the time for recorded percussive sounds. But this is for entire synth parts/hardware bounces. So you can start work on another part using the same piece of equipment (eg analogue synth).

So imho thats one of the most important features to be added!

What does everybody think? Or does everyone use VSTis now? :wacko: