Audio Track Recorder ?


1st i have to say thanx for the great 2.60 update, it´s (agian) AMAZING !!!
My Suggestion (or Question?) is to make it Possible to record audiotracks in Realtime while Playback the song. (for direct recording of E-Guitars)
Also a Graphical display of Audiomaterial will be Fine.

i belive this have to be the Next Logical step to complete the new Audioseek Feature (That´s realy Rocks btw.)

Sorry for my Bad English :slight_smile:

You can already do that…
Select a new instrument/sample, go to the sample editor, click on the “Rec” button and then select your options etc.
You need to define your input in the Audio-Preferences (In-device) before you can record along playing.
An option to automatically set the autoseek option would be nice though.

what about the ability to record multiple tracks??
i use voxengo recorder placed on the master channel for this now,would be nice to be able to do that in renoise though.

Yes, i know that :slight_smile:
But i think about a option that will be better than that :slight_smile:

i dream for a workflow like this :

1.: Selecting a Track for my Life Guitar input (Mayby the tracks have to be Marked as Realtime Sample Recorder/Player 1st)
2.: Pressing the Record PATTERN button to Start the Recording !
3.: The possibility to Loop the Pattern while Recording and if the Pattern repeats the Recordings will be replaced by Lifeinput ony if a Signal comes in !!!
4.: All above with Audioseek to make a Analog input PUNCH IN/OUT Possible !

This Will be a Killer feature for me even if i can see the Waveform Verticaly in the Patterneditor and in the Birdsview while playing/recording/Editing
i just belive for that feature it must be possible to set a Tracktype to Notes/Sampletrack and to Drumtrack (only if someone will add my 2nd Dream of an Vertical Drumeditor directly in the Patterneditor like the Horizontal ones in CuBase.

Quickly tried something with sampleRecord option… partially scriptable, though the signal response part unfortunately is currently out of the question with scripting.
Also, i have to find out what kind of notifier to use if only one pattern is looping… i can’t retrigger the recording mode if the sequence position is not changing…