Audio Track Views Merged With Automation Views

Ok, this is not exactly the same idea as described in the “audio tracks brainstorming” thread.

This is something about VIEWs. On the top of Renoise, you’ve got Scopes.
Those views are instant views. They are fast and quickly refreshed.

I would like Renoise to be able to display slower views, on the bottom of the screen,
in the background of the Automation tab. Slower views that could be visually merged
with automation curves.

Why ?

(1) When you’re used to a vertical movment of the pattern view, switching to an horizontal
with your eyes, isn’t something that comes “naturally”.
(2) some of us use the automation grid as beat-markers, but we have no visual representation
of the original sound amplitude, while tweaking enveloppes.

I’m not really speaking about “audio tracks”, just about “audio views”, that could be generated
on the fly during any playback for each track.

You can keep them in the RAM or in /tmp files for a further access.