Audio Tracks (again...)

Okay…here’s my idea for audio tracks. I only suggest this because I’m in the thick of remixng a song using only renoise (no VSTs or LADSPA either…whoot!) and it’s SUPER annoying to have to restart 16-20 measures back to make sure that a position much later has the music go with the vocals the way I want…here’s my suggestion…

Just tag the sample itself as streaming audio. No need for making special tracks or anything like that. This will disable envelopes for volume and effects for ‘instruments’ and then when you hit play, renoise will calculate where the sample is triggered in the pattern list then jump ahead in the audio file where you’re at in the song. This still allows automation and pattern effects to be deployed without having to write a shit-ton of visualizations or a meta device or anything. Just a simple tag that disables instrument settings and enables positions the sound to match where you are in the song.

BTW, wish me luck…I’m entering my tune in a remix contest…I won the last one…so hopefully I can win again… :D