Audio Units For The Macintosh?

Since I’ve heard (though I’m not totally sure) that Renoise has DX compatibility, it seems like it might be nice to have Audio Units for us Mac users. Certainly, Apple must make it easy (and free - no license, I think) to implement Audio Units in software, if the abundance of small shareware programs that support it is anything to go by. The bonus, of course, is that the Audio Unit specification seems to be designed to be very standardized, so it won’t take huge amounts of maintenance to tweak for every new oddly behaving AU, as seems to be the case with VST(i).

Of course, I am no expert or even an authority on the matter, so I don’t really know - but dang it would be nice if I could use the same plugins with Logic and Renoise at once.

just for the record, renoise does not support DX plugs. And I have no idea about AUs on the Mac, sorry :)

Ah ok. Guess I must have been confused. It would indeed be nice, though!

Well maybe

could be of a help here…but as ist is for most stuff for the mac it`s not really cheap.

Hmmm. This looks interesting, but I’m not sure I’m seeing how this would help me use AUs with Renoise?


The problem is that there’s only a VST/VSTi->AU wrapper and to my knowledge there is no wrapper for AUs->VST/VSTi to be found anywhere and i don’t don’t think there ever will.
(Renoise on the Mac already uses Core Audio, and since AUs are Part of the Core Audio architecture support för AUs should be a nobrainer to add).

yeah. i reckon you guys should add AU support too. maybe ask the plogue bidule developers about it…that software runs EVERYTHING

Im not sure, but that would be a heck of a task to implement and maintain.
And maybe not benefit som many so much. If a dude just made a sweet
AU->VST wrapper, Renoise would be very usable with this maybe.

Definitely need AU support. Most UB VSTs and VSTis are coming out in AU first, and in some cases exclusively. Now that I’m using an Intel based Mac, it’s become aparent how much Mac users need AU support in Renoise.

I think this is pretty much my only gripe with Renoise at the moment, aside from being able to assign colours to tracks.