Audio-Visual Experiments

(Achenar) #1

A few years ago I had an idea to create songs in Renoise using only instruments constructed by myself. That way I would be free to release the original song files for others to download and mess around with. So I started doing that and the results were… pretty good, which was not good enough.

Then I became aware of what was coming for Renoise 3: a completely revamped and more powerful instrument system, especially for samples. This was further improved in version 3.1. Now I’m creating a series of short audio-visual experiments to get up to speed before any ‘proper’ releases. The main goals are to construct a large collection of quality instruments and further hone the skills for animated visuals.

Download -

(Achenar) #2

So here’s my second audio-visual experiment, using a bunch of Red Giant plugins for After Effects. The Renoise song file contains a few newly crafted instruments:

(Achenar) #3

This third AVX includes a new full drumkit, plus some experimentation with creating instruments and rhythms through the rapid cycling of the Repeater device.

Renoise Song File:

(Achenar) #4

In this fourth audio-visual experiment, the music’s song data was exported from Renoise and used in Unreal Engine 4 to drive various aspects of the visuals.

Renoise Song File:

(lilith) #5

That very Lovecraftian. I like the sounds!

(lilith) #6

Awesome! Just downloaded the file and sounds 100 time bigger :face_with_monocle:

(Jesse Schilling) #7

YouTube forces everything to -13 LUFS. Not to mention the various forms of compression that may be taking place when @Achenar renders the video with the audio.

|Apple Music Soundcheck On|~ 16 LUFS|
|YouTube|~ 13 LUFS|
|Spotify|~ 14 LUFS|
|Tidal|~ 14 LUFS|


Wow, very bombastic sound! And the visuals just fit perfect to that.

(Sam) #9

Pretty unique stuff, and consistently recognisable as you. Well done!