Audio/vst Routing

These are the only two at the moment that do some sort of audio/vst routing. If you know others please post them!

FX Teleport: $99

Unique VST over LAN solution:

  • Reduces DAW CPU load
  • Provides a dedicated terminal for FX
  • Prevents loss of data when FX crashes

Full host integration:

  • FX parameters saved in the host song/project file
  • Host automation support
  • Audio streams to host mixer

Instant remote/local mode switch

Small and constant latency

Automatic and manual latency adjustment

No jitter

Sample accurate mode enabled

Live performance enabled

UDP and TCP support

VST 2 support

Support of multi-input and multi-output FX

Wormhole: $25


  • Audio plugin for Mac OS X (AU/VST) & Windows (VST).
  • Transmits 32 Bit audio over TCP/IP.
  • Low Latency on a LAN.
  • One 44 kHz Mono Channel requires 175 kByte/sec.
  • Works with any Network Interface (Ethernet, Firewire, Airport).
  • Works with any Audio Units/VST host such as Logic, Cubase SX, Live 3, Digital Performer 4.1, Soundtrack, Metro, etc.
  • Can be used on a single machine to send audio between applications or to send audio between multiple computers.