Audiomodern Riffer sync issue in Renoise

Hi all,

I am a relatively new user to Renoise, and I’m currently loving the software. It’s a refreshing break from most contemporary DAWs.

However, I have run into a sync issue with Audio Modern’s Riffer when using the plugin as a MIDI trigger device. I routed the MIDI output of Riffer to an instance of Serum via the MIDI routing setting, Riffer is above Serum in the device list. Link to plugin below for reference.

My issue is this, when starting playback in Renoise, Riffer is always out of sync and never starts the sequence playback at the very start, it starts about 3/4 into the sequence. I can adjust this slightly by changing the Line Per Beat setting and the Pattern Line Length, this seems to affect the starting point of the Riffer playback. I can admittedly find a sweet spot at 60bpm with a Line Per Beat setting at 32, and Pattern Line Length at 256. Playback in Riffer now loops from the starting point using the above settings.

However, if a higher BPM is used then Riffer is out of sync again, and starts to continuously drift, and any adjustments to the Lines Per Beat and Pattern Line Length never seem to work. I have set Riffer to MIDI control mode, which means you start the playback when a note is entered on the Renoise pattern tracker section.

Can anyone please give me any advice regarding this, is there a possible config workaround. Any advice would be extremely awesome, thanks to anyone who answers.