since I installed 2.8 beta 1 64-bit version, my ZoneAlarm Security Alert pops up with warnings about Renoise Plugin Server is trying to access the Internet

Application: AudioPluginServer32.exe
Destination IP:

this .exe file is obviously new for 2.8, but i don’t find any official information about it

tracing the IP address reports that it’s hosted by (creator of Nexus and Vanguard VST instruments) in Montreal, Canada


what is this?

and why should it have access to the internet?

i generally dislike when there’s traffic going out from my computer to external servers, without me knowing exactly what’s going on

as a control freak i’d like to know

false positive.

AudioPluginServer32.exe and AudioPluginServer64.exe (and similar names on other platforms) are new additions to Renoise 2.8 that allow us to use bridged plugins. This is what enables the use of 32-bit plugins within 64-bit Renoise, and vice versa. You can be sure these processes are harmless (as harmless as Renoise itself, anyway).

The fact that some of your VST plugins are trying to go online is really nothing that we can control. This was probably already happening in older versions of Renoise, ie. the plugins also tried to get online from the Renoise.exe process. You have probably already white-listed Renoise in the past, or maybe ZoneAlarm already knew about Renoise and has an exception built in for it.

If you want to know exactly why your reFX plugins are going online, then you should contact reFX support to find out. My guess it that the plugins are “phoning home” to check for updated versions, or possibly as part of their copy protection.

thanks for the clarification dblue

i guess it’s safe to blacklist AudioPluginServer32.exe from accessing the Internet then

Nexus2’s copy protection is on a hardware dongle, so there’s no need for it to go online

i remember that Nexus has tried to access the internet via renoise.exe prior to 2.8, and then i also blacklisted renoise.exe without any troubles