Audiorealism Adm

Does anyone here know how to use ADM? The drum machine emulator?

I just downloaded the demo and I’ve played around with it but it has no instructions for Renoise.

How do you get the sounds to play and record onto a Track? I can only seem to get it to actually play sounds if I press Z and drop in a beat, but it resets every time it gets to that beat.

I’m basically completely confused and any help would be much, much appreciated!

I own a copy of ADM. There are no special instructions you need to know for Renoise - the plug-in behaves pretty much the same way in any host.

In the ADM sequencer there’s a mode switch with two possible settings: ptn and note

In ptn (pattern) mode, the notes you play will trigger one of the 128 available drum patterns. C-0 triggers pattern 000, C#0 triggers pattern 001, D-0 triggers pattern 002, and so on.

In note mode, the notes you play will trigger the individual drum sounds. If you want to program your own sequences directly in Renoise instead of ADM’s internal sequencer, then you need to switch to note mode. The drum sounds range from B-2 to E-4.

Take a closer look at the manual for more info:

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Two most important switches:

Make sure [1]SYNC is set to HOST

Now, you can use the drum machine in one of two ways using the [2]MODE switch:

PTN - where notes on the piano keyboard trigger patterns in the ADM ie C-0 is pattern 01 (you have to program these patterns in the ADM itself ol’ TR-x0x stylee)


NOTE - where notes on the piano keyboard correspond to actual drum hits ie C-3 is Kick, D-3 is Snare

It’s on page 25 of the ADM manual which can be found here

Good luck 'cos it’s a great plug-in

2 replies this quickly? Amazing - thank you so much for all your help!

Will give it a try. Thanks again, both.