Audiotion Notes In Record Mode ,While Players Position Isn'T Follo

one thing that is really bothering me is that we can’t hear the notes we are entering in record mode when the players position isn’t following the pattern ( record step mode ) …
Would thid be hard to implement ?

Its disabled for a good reason. You can this way enter stuff that is “going to be played” without messing up what is “currently played”. Like for example exiting parts in a live set in real time…

And please guys: Stop asking or thinking about what would be hard to implement or not. Thats my job, problem, and anyway impossible for everyone except me to “guess”.

O.K fair enough
Would like it if this could be optional …

Even better: If you were using a multioutput soundcard, you could direct the preview (and metronome, while you
re at it) to one stereo pair. If the master out could be routed to two stereo pairs, you could be auditioning changes or new stuff and playing them back to the audience when ready.

+1. i would really appreciate for there to be a switch between the “to-be-played” and “played right when you press the note” functionalities. i appreciate the “to-be-played” immensely, but do miss the “play right when you press the note” feature immensely.

screw the multioutput card functionality, seriously. that kinda suggestions just result in “it not happening.” “ever.”