Australian Bush Fires

Did you guys have any damage or know anyone who was injured?

Hope everyone is safe and sound.

The only one i know is Mick but i believe he lives in the currently very rainy part of Australia
(owh know, i also know Jason Nunn, but he’s not a Renoiser)

has they got computers there?

All the Renoisers I know from Australia live in areas away from the bushfires. As some of you may know Australia is very large and spread out, and there are simply not enough Renoisers (with computers) to fill the land to warrant concern.

If I did have a COMPUTER I’d used it to look up more interesting information about the causes of the monumental bushfires (which killed over 180 people) and perhaps spend a little time getting to know my Australian Renoise buddies who have COMPUTERS. Perhaps if I had a COMPUTER I’d spend some time trolling the internet and slinging random insults at people.

So the final conclusion would be: They have computers there, no?

erm… Good to see, that you guys going well over there. :D

Renoisers have computers?

Australian Renoisers have computers B)
Still have not seen any sign of life from mr. Rippon though…

Such ambition… :) Wonderful!

Mick’s ok, we’ve seen him every day on #IRC.

The media have been having a field day down here, you’d reckon it was 9/11 they way they’ve been harping on. The death toll is ~209 so it’s about half as serious as 9/11 if you consider it in terms of %'age of people in the country who died.

Anyone who lives in Melbourne hasn’t really been affected by anything but a few smoky days, giving that somewhat post-apocalyptic look where the shadow is gray and the sunshine is orangey-yellow.

The Doncaster folks, however, were treated to this wonderful vision which popped up in my email last Friday:…ry__594x400.jpg

p.s. this was posted from a computer ;)

That picture is surreal!

No shit…