Aut [y_Sel3+2]

Kinda lost my train of thought on this one. Wanted to make something different but ended up sounding like this. This is one edit of loads. Whole things a bit of a clusterfuck honestly, so I just quit it messing with it.

Remember when science fiction movies would run a voice through a ring mod and say, “that’s a perfect alien voice.”???

Anyways, that’s another song if yours I dig. It wanders, but I still like where I end up.

That’s one hell of experiment which I really like, the stereo is amazing and the deep bass amazes me, keep it up, man! :slight_smile:

Cool glitches with a good versatile beat and smooth chords. But the high frequent swirling sound is annoying for the ears on the long term; I would prefer a version without it.

I agree that swirling sound actually does my head in. It’s produced by a plugin on a send track. I didn’t pay attention to how loud it was when I was finishing off the track then when I listened back to it after uploading the video it was the first thing I noticed. :stuck_out_tongue: I actually re-edited the song to make it quieter but I haven’t uploaded it, might do it later.