Autechre - Gantz Graf Reconstructing?

I was not sure if this deserves its own topic, but I am very curious to know, so here we go:

Do you think it’s theoretically possible to make a track like Gantz Graf in Renoise? On a shallow listen it’s sounds like a lot of disorder noise and retrigger, but if you listen to it closer several times, you can actually hear that there’s so much dynamics going on in this song, a lot of littlel fine noises and sounds and no sound is coincident. Regardless of how Gantz Graf was made, what do you think?

Definitely mate. the only sonic limitations in Renoise are your own skills and your CPU/RAM!

Suggestion: Mess alot with time stretching with low quality settings in another app, and sample your results.

I could make most of these sounds with renoise only. If you add couple of VST’s it’s surely a game without much effort. You still need the mindset and skills of Autechre to pull it off as finely as he did, but Renoise can do it for sure.

You could also make it in Magix Music Maker.

You can also use Songsmith

Well yeah you could sequence it in renoise ,but you 'll have to generate your own sounds and that is where autechre really shines …
Gantz graf was full of max/msp …