Autechre on Renoise

some mention of it’s use Autechre 4utechre Sean QUICK AMA Twitch 6/5/2022 (Part 2) - YouTube


Thx for sharing this, it’s awsome.

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another mention of renoise from recent interview yesterday i.e 30/07/2022 Autechre Sean QUICK AMA 7/30/2022 Twitch - YouTube


Autechre is the greatest. each release was so ground-breaking at the time, especially the run from amber to untilted… they were such a huge influence on my youth and development as a musician. Was awesome to see them live! Hope to again at some point :+1:


Interview? He’s holding the camera and speaks more or less to himself for more than 6 hours straight. :wink:
My favorite tune by Autechre is still “Bike” from “Incunabula”", which is still my favorite album by Autechre.

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I stand corrected :slight_smile: Confield was something from another dimension… Gantz Graf was so futuristic… those early albums where so lovely as well, some true ambient gems amongst it all that I’ll always come back to, spent many a timeless moment in awe of of what they were doing and trying to figure out how they were doing it too, it’s definitely art even if Sean might disagree, bought most of their albums, lovely artwork as well… those were the days!

P.s If renoise is good enough for them its good enough for me :slight_smile: