Auto Accompaniment Feature

Hi everybody.

I would like to know if it is possible to make in Renoise something similar to the “auto accompaniment” feature that you can find in that old Casio and Yamaha entry level keyboards. It would be nice to have it in order to play live or for enhancing improvisations.

The idea is to write some tracks where you define the basic structure of a variable section (bass, chord, arpeggio, etc.) and a fixed section (let’s say drums). Then you could mark a point to split the keyboard in two parts so you could play with your left hand the accompaniment section and play with your right hand the other main melody notes using another instruments. Of course, the accompaniment part will be interactive, so when you change the base note, the variable tracks (bass, chord, etc.) change automatically to that note. Obviously, it will need some kind of chord structure support, at least for minor and major chords.

Is there a way to do this using the last Renoise version or may I suggest this feature for a future release?


there are other softwares which are specific for such purposes and do the work pretty well, such as Band-in-a-Box. I suggest you to give them a try.