Auto Adjust (lower) Track Post Volume To Avoid Clipping

Sometimes I boost the EQ on a track, and sometimes this boosting makes the track volume higher than 0 DB, and sometimes this makes noise / clipping too, which could be avoided automatically, and I dont mean by using a limiter plugin, but by simply lowing the track post volume the same amount of DB automatically, just like what is currently possible in Renoise on the master post volume.

Currently I use the peak meters on each track (set to -24 to 0 db) and a spectrum analyser where the peaks a held for eternity, but this “lower the volume to avoid volumes above 0 DB” process could be done automatically by the program.

I would like to be able to activate a “avoid clipping” button on the mixer to the right of the “m” and “s” buttons (mono,solo). It could be a “a” button. (and it should: auto decrease track POST volume to avoid clipping).

This is a nice to have feature, which makes mixing faster, more precise and safer, but
:) Max

On the master volume you have the panic button, the volume slider, then a little button with an icon to the right of it. Give that button a little push :)

Yes, I do know that one, and I once used it all the time. This is the feature that I would like to have on every track - and I won´t use it on the master channel POST volume fader anymore, because I use a mastering plugin instead, and I check manually whether the master PRE volume is too high, and if the PRE volume is too high, then I lower that one manually. Actually master PRE volume fader would be nice to have autolowered aswell.

It CAN be used for lowering the post volume of the individual tracks, by deactivating all the plugins on the master channel+move the post fader to 0 db+see if the master post volume fader lowers, and then lower the individual track the same amount of db of the current track post volume db, and then back to activate … and … and… a lot of tweaking. not very useful way of avoiding the individual tracks to get higher than 0 db, I think. I prefer a spectrum analyser for now.

Ah… a per-track setting could be useful too, although for me personally I think it would get in the way. I like the current auto adjust thing because of the fact that it’s relative to the whole song, so if something does freak out it’s quite simple to get back to the way things were before. I think it would be annoying if you spent the time to nicely balance your track volumes, then while you’re simply testing something one or two individual tracks freak out and become lowered, losing the nice balance you had before. Of course there would be options to enable/disable it, etc., but you know how it is when you’ve been tracking for a while… you start to get a bit clumsy :)

Still… options are good. The more the merrier!