"Auto capture instrument" applied on pattern changes too

While following the song sequence, the “Auto capture instrument from pattern” option also jumps to the instrument on ever new pattern.

It should only while clicking on a track or tabbin’ around.

E.g. If I have the option activated and want to add a new instrument to an empty slot, this behavior will maybe cause a overwrite of an exisiting instrument by accident, since the pattern may end in this moment.

The auto capture simply changes if the cursor gets in the nearness of a note containing a different instrument than what is currently selected.
It doesn’t just scan when tracks are changed.

However, someone just wrote this tool in the past:

It might do more of what you wish for, it will at least not change between pattern shifting.

This was done on purpose, so new instruments in the same track on new patterns do get autoselected too.

Hm, but this leads into problems if you are woking on the instrument set. I had a bunch of situations where I overwrote or selected wrong plugins by accident. Maybe would be better, if it only selects on cursor move? Or maybe you could check where the current focus is?

BTW. could this feature + a midi automation device maybe cause the other bug mentioned here ?

Or simply the same routine that prevents notes from entering the pattern when the pattern editor is not focused while pattern edit mode is toggled on, can be used to prevent the instrument switch happens as well.