Auto Capture Instrument

When Auto Capture Instrument is turned off it still auto-captures.

Here’s a screen capture of what’s going on:
*.swf download

Here’s an *.avi video too if somebody has problems opening *.swf files

Would be great if anyone can confirm this.

Turns off fine here, so can`t confirm.

Do you have any scripts running that might influence this? e.g. my alternative autocapture will run (and is supposed to) when autocapture is disabled.

DUH! That was it!
I didn’t know that a script can just run like that on the background. :huh:

:) you can switch it off via the right click menu in the pattern editor.

Yes, scripts are all initialised when renoise starts/ you press reload all scripts.

They can continue to run in the background due to notifiers. Notifiers tell a script that something has changed in renoise so now do this. i.e. the selected track has changed so now change the instrument index.

There is more on this in the docs, but do ask if you get stuck, I know what it is like as I am fairly new to all this too :)

Makes perfect sense now!

Hey and - Thanks mate!