New Tool (3.0): Autocapture From First Note


Tool Version 1.1

  • Removed a lot of the unecessary status updates, only empty track is notified by the autocapture
  • 3 new Shortcuts:

"`ACF` Add Or Go To Empty Instrument Slot"
Takes you to the first unused instrument slot in the instrument list (empty slot is tested/counts here as an instrument with no name)

"`ACF` Go To First Empty Track"
Takes you to the first empty track, if none are present a new track is created called “NEW TRACK”

"`ACF` Go To First Empty Track and Instrument"
Combines the above two shortcuts into one; Puts you on an empty instrument slot and an empty track ready to load up a sound and get to work!

3.01 Current Beta Download:


2.8 and 3.0 versions On Tool page:

This tool is a development on from my Capture shortcut tool. This tool is an Autocapture with a similar functionality.

The following screenshot shows one of the functions of this script, which is to automatically add instrument data to the first line of the song. This is necessary to make the script work quickly so if you are not happy with this please use the other tool linked above which gives a similar functionality (but is not automatic like this script)



  • More ‘reliable’ instrument capture by always grabbing the first instrument in a track.

  • Will grab instruments even when you scrollbar left and right through a pattern.

  • Emulates having single instrument slots assigned to different tracks.

  • Jumps to last instrument slot if a track is empty.

  • Enable/ Disable the tool in the pattern editor menu.

  • Automatically adds pattern instrument data to the start of tracks for faster operation.

Advice for best Results:

  • Particularly on larger songs, delete any empty tracks as as these will slow the script down.

  • Switch off renoise`s native Autocapture in the options menu to avoid any possible conflicts.

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2.7 Beta version


Click to View Update Log

version 0_7
-improved status messages, should be less “flashy”
version 0_65
-Removed the behaviour to choose last instrument slot when choosing an empty track
version 0_6
-Improved script speed in Master Track and sends
-No longer necessary to remove unused instrument slots for better performance
-Fixed a bug where non existant instrument references would cause a hang in the script.
Known Issues: (Gone in beta 3)

  • After installing for the first time you will need to load a new song for the script to become engaged.
  • If you “Reload all Tools” in renoise you will also have to load a new song.

Updated to 0_6 with the following changes

have just tried this,dont know if its just me,but if i have auto-capture from first note enabled and DONT press capture first notes instrument

it just jumps down to instrument slot 7

but if i press capture first instrument it works perfectly,but it doesent add anything automatically?

The jumping to instrument number slot 7 occurs when you click on an empty track. This is because in renoise the last instrument slot is often empty, ready for you to add a new instrument.
I can see how this may not be ideal in all situations though. Let me know if you think a preference would be good here.

If you want to see it add instrument info automatically,

  • add a note in pattern 1, column 2 of an empty track
  • navigate away from the track and then back to it.

You should see the instrument number appear in column 1 of the track.

1097 pat 1 col 2.jpg

This is the only place where the script adds info. It does not need to if there is a note with an instrument number there already.

edit: also the capture first notes instrument is from my other script and should not have to be pressed here.

A better way of checking if this is working for you is to load a completed song and move around the tracks. e.g. the demo songs

would like a preference for it.

Thanks for testing.

I`ll see what I can do.

sounds good,and thanks for putting these usefull tools out,its awesome

Rather than jumping to first empty instrument would it be better to stay on the one you are on? Not with auto-capture but when asking to capture nearest instrument you may of found one you want to use but not be 100% sure the track you are on in empty. Capture nearest instrument will then take you to an empty slot rather than keep you on the instrument you are ready to start using.

Ok 0_65 is now uploaded. I think this will work as you are suggesting s-n-s and kazakore?

There is no preference yet (hopefully later) but when jumping to an empty track no change is made in the instrument number.

You are still told in the status bar that the track is empty of notes .

I never used this function before but want to use it now because I want to get my whole live set into one file, thus needing to control different sample slots.
I figured that it works per pattern. maybe this is why it’s now called “auto capture instrument from pattern” instead of “capture nearest instrument” (if I recall correctly)

Posted in the wrong threat was discussing this while this tool was mentioned, cool tool! and maybe better for me than the normal capture way.

Glad it can be of use! let me know of any issues or how you get on. Should probably put this up on the tools page when I get around to some screencapturing :)

can this be set up so i can capture different instruments within one column in one block rather than capturing on the next block or scrolling to left or right columns? like old versions of renoise.

Experimenting at the moment, kazakore seems to be bug hunting in your original thread too.

0.7 released:

Status messages should be less “flashy” now:

2.7 beta version added:

2.8 version


–menu entry is now under: “tools menu” “Ledger`s scripts”

thanks a lot !!! this is such a cool idea :) ive always wanted this…too bad its so slow. my tracks are 10 minutes longs and such…it makes it impossible for me to use it …maybe renoise could have this implemented in a native way !!!

in the tracks with wich have notes everything works nicely fast. but in tracks without notes everything drags, even if the noteless track has the number of the intrument in the first line. my renoise setup is somewhat complex…there are many things that need to be set before i can make music, so i use templates. and all this templates start with empty tracks.

couldnt your tool just check the instrument number in the first line (in the first pattern) without the need for a note and also not scan the whole track until the end of the song ?

i dont understant why it needs to scan the whole track, if it captures the instrument in the first line. maybe you could add an option to not scan the whole track and just capture the instrument number in the first line.

This works ok here. i.e. as shown in this picture the capture should seem instant when the 03 is in the first pattern in the sequencer. I will have a look anyhow to see what might be the problem.


Tool Version 1.1

  • Removed a lot of the unecessary status updates, only empty track is notified by the autocapture

  • 3 new Shortcuts:

ACF Add Or Go To Empty Instrument Slot”
Takes you to the first unused instrument slot in the instrument list (empty slot is tested as an instrument with no name)

ACF Go To First Empty Track”

Takes you to the first empty track, if none are present a new track is created called “NEW TRACK”

ACF Go To First Empty Track and Instrument”

Combines the above two shortcuts into one

New beta version in first post:

Thanks, this is an extremely useful tool. Saves so much time and effort.

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