Berate me all you like – call me stupid or lazy – but I admit that I’m not very talented when it comes to chords.
In Buzz there’s a wonderful machine that automates chords for you – just select the base note and the chord (major, minor, etc, etc.), and you’re done.
Does anyone else except me think this would be a very nice feature to have in Renoise? Even for people who are fluent with chords, it would make things easier and require fewer key-presses.

I’ve already suggested this … it’s a nice feature in the Midget-Tracker

you can select a type of chord (min, maj, combination with 7 and so on), press one key on the virt.keyboard and a complete chord will sound / inserted in the pattern

i think it’s very usefull … coz not everybody knows all chords … and u can feel free to play with chords and test it in your songs … or if u working without a midi-keyboard