Auto-create Pattern When Playing Midi-keyboard

was wondering if there is a way to get renoise to "auto-create"pattern when im playing on the midi-keyboard??

now it just starts over on the first pattern,it would be nice when playing basslines,instead of manually create them??

is there a way to do this??

isent this possible???

There’s no auto-create feature, no… But the workaround is really simple :slight_smile:

You can create an new song with a lot of empty patterns, and save it as a template. The next time you start Renoise, it will load the template song and you can start recording straight away.

To save the song as a template, see the “song settings” tab.

thanx danoise will check it later tonight

yeah, saving a template with a bunch of pre-empty patterns is an option, tho sometimes you just want to jam to an already existing pattern/groove & then such an option would be cool for quick f****in’ around.

maybe this should be moved into ideas and suggestions??

I wanted to move this topic… but somebody else was a tad bit faster than me :P

(automatic) + 1

sure one workaround is to create a template,but it would be a nice feature to have "auto-create"patten when playing,its not always i can remember what i am playing,so this way it will be easy to make recordings of it