Auto Gain enable for *.xm, *.it, *.mod

When I open a tracker file like *.xm, *.it, *.mod etc.
Is there any way to enable Auto Gain automatically?
As it is, the playback sound clips.

I have set and saved the auto-gain in Template Song, but it does not seem to be reflected in this case.
I could not find the relevant key bind target or Renoise Tool.

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This only applies to new songs that you create, not other songs that you load into Renoise…

Nope. Not in this particular case, unfortunately.

Understand that Renoise was never designed to be a “perfect” oldskool MOD/XM/IT/S3M/etc replayer engine.

It provides some basic import functions to help you transition from the old into the new, but that’s about it.

If you really need more accurate OG tracker playback, then maybe look into something like XMplay?

Or perhaps even something like OpenMPT (“Open ModPlug Tracker”)

But a great song like “Beyond Voyage” by “Pink” of “Abyss” made on “Amiga” still sounds great. :wink:
Nice to see more people appreciating this kind of music. Pink is one of my favorite Amiga musicians.
What exactly are you looking for? Just a simple player that can play any old mods? Try Audacious. Or do you want to work with those songs? Then listen to @dblue. Or you can enable auto gain and save the songs as xrns. Next time when you open it auto gain will still be enabled. Just keep in mind that Renoise doesn’t play everything correctly. But be happy that Renoise can play those songs in a foreign file format, which is great.

What value has the headroom in your song/default template settings? Maybe this is causing the clipping. If not already set, change it to -6dB.

@dblue @TNT I was interested in researching the following and others, including background, etc., as there is no demoscene culture in my part of Japan. viznut is great.

I imagine that the lack of a demoscene culture in Japan may be due to the fact that the “Family Computer” (NES) dominated the market before anything similar to the VIC-20 or zxspectrum became popular. Another big reason may be that the VIC-20 manual was extremely easy to understand. I envy the cultural sphere where there are vast numbers of people who were exposed to such things in their early childhood.
Also, I was loading tracker files into Renoise to analyze the production methods and basic forms of tracker musicians of the past. There are some interesting innovations here and there. The extremely small data size is also really nice and a technical beauty.
If I just wanted to play the tracker file, I could do that with deadbeef. Renoise is great for analyzing and reconstructing tracker files from past artists.

@ffx I tried to set it up that way, but unfortunately could not. The Master Volume value seems to be stored fixed in the target file.

I think I will give up on enabling Auto Gain by default.
And I wish I could assign a key to Auto Gain, but I have not found a way to do so.

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