Auto Glitch Switch

I made an automatic glitch switcher. As the name implies, it allows you to automatically switch between any number of glitch effects.


I’m using send tracks for flexibility - you can send multiple tracks, use “keep source” to get a dry/wet mix, or use multiband sends to only glitch certain frequencies. The disadvantage is that you have to adjust the selector range every time you add or remove a track.


  • Send anything you want glitched to the glitch send
  • Put your own favorite DSPs on the FX tracks
  • Add or remove FX tracks as you please
  • Custom reset patterns (demonstrated in pattern 1)
  • Automate the selector (demonstrated in pattern 2)


  • When adding or removing ANY tracks, you must adjust the range in the selector on the controller track.
  • Randomness is not evenly distributed (edges are triggered less often)

Inspired by DBlue’s infamous glitch plugin. Multiple ideas stolen from Bit Arts’ “renoise slot machine”.
Also, I have the feeling something like this has already been posted, but I couldn’t find it! :drummer:

If anybody comes up with a more efficient way to do this, especially one that doesn’t require adjusting the range whenever you add a track, let me know!


Oh yeah, I forgot about that awesome tool! Thanks for reminding me.

Very cool :)