Auto-naming samples in hex

For example, I multi-sample a piece of hardware, autoslice, and ‘save all samples’. Go to drag them back into the keyzones to use the nifty drag and map function (which is very fast and nice) but the samples are sorted with the very highest notes at the bottom because of the hex naming. Now, what would have been a very quick batch mapping turns partially back into manual mapping to fix it.

The naming style automatically give them their unique name so that samples are not overwriting existing samples on disk if you choose to save them all (or you don’t have to confirm overwriting / rename all the samples manually to prevent overwriting existing samples).
Also the hex numbers refer to the slices they were attached to or velocity levels in which they were represented for initially. So “not truly necessary” is not really a correct assumption.

So perhaps an option to set up a personal naming convention might solve it (using variable tags like %sample_name%%note%-%notenumber%slicenumber%.wav)

Well, that makes sense and I can see the point when looking at it that way. But, then the sample browser doesn’t sort in hex . Which also makes sense most of the time, except when trying to do things will hex file names.

Yes, I think that would be pretty slick.