Auto Play Next Sample In Disk Browser

1974 takechaRenoiseDiskBrowserModAPNS.png

I have idea for Disk Browser.

When I preview sound from many short wave files,
I am glad if there is such a button “Auto Play Next Sample”.

and I just customized the date format like %Y.%m.%d found in reference to

also I have big +1 for “Showing Playing Time In Disk Browser”.

nice idea…maybe the grey line could auto scroll so you could tell what sample its currently playing in a large folder.

also a button to loop each sample in the browser would would be nice.

yes, both great ideas. they go nicely with the already existing ideas for the disk browser, like better navigation (through URL-bar) and more presets, to name a few. hope to see a good Disk Browser overhaul in one of the next versions.

Oh yes, more bookmarks would be awesome. - Also, I haven’t ever really found a way to tell DiskOp to always load in Sample Mode - instead I always see the demo tunes and then clunkily maneuver to the Sample load section…

The sample-preview auto-play in DiskOp could be selected with shift-select-multiple sounds, or just toggled for a folder - then when you find a sample you like, you press a key and it goes onto your instrument box.

It would be also good to have a sneaky way to “sample” stuff into a sample out of the DiskBrowser, i.e. if you come across a segment of maybe even loading different samples in preview-mode in the DiskOp, you could already loop those up. - I wonder if this’d help in the quest to be able to sample what the Sample Editor itself hears when jamming on a newly created instrument - while you’re jamming, you realize that you want to change various loop lengths etc of the instrument, and would also like to record-what-u-hear directly, natively, in Renoise.

Also one other possibility would be to select multiple samples and automatically get that down to a instrument map - however, also having the possibility to load it as one long sample where the samples are appended one at a time into a wavefile - then to be chopped up w the slicer…