Auto Quantize

I like renoise to have an auto quantize while recording so i could make fast drums in random and have a result


+1 :drummer:

I don’t understand this suggestion. If there is a feature that trackers always had “per se” is extremely tight quantization. What else do you need?


edit: Maybe iratus means a quantization while recording samples not recording in pattern? Which is of course impossible.

I mean quantization while recording in pattern :walkman:

You can already quantise in recording mode:

-Press Esc
-press left ctrl and the number of lines that you want your notes to be quantised to; so if you want you note to end up on each line precisely you hold the keycombo leftctrl and 1. For four you hold lctrl and 4.
-Now start inserting your notes

voila perfectly quantized notes :D

You want to use chord mode?
Hold left shift and insert your chord (or drum combination)

No, vV - that’s called step recording… B)

But quantized recording should possible : just use the beat multiplier (the “speed” input placed right next to BPM), in combination with a “Record note delays” set to OFF. Then, incoming notes are forced to the line at which the tracker is currently at, ignoring the sub-tick timing.

If you don’t like the resulting tempo (for example, if it’s too slow), just use the advanced edit to scale the result in time, after you’re done recording.

Just give me at least 2 hours of having the pleasure to fool a guy once in a while.

Well, it IS the best step recording out there, no doubt :slight_smile:

As for the quantize thing, I see now that iratus wants to add notes to an existing drum track, so the method I proposed isn’t so easy after all (you’d possibly have to scale the pattern, record the new notes, hit undo until the notes are scaled back, and paste the new note into the sequence, and scale them as well. Phew!).

But no matter what, you’d definitely be better of by un-checking the “record note delays”

Though maybe this is different from iratus’s wish, :huh: I want the quantizing option which can still remain the human feelings (i.e. “set by %” quantizing like other midi sequenser have).
Which can adjust the rhythm more tight ‘to some degree’ after recording by midi pad.

I wouldn’t mind having re-quantizing functions that do stuff like add or remove swing or try to map 4/4 melodies to triplets, etc … but I can’t see that being added any time soon ;)

  • Put on the XRNS-PHP list of great ideas *