Auto-Slice To Snap Size?

I get how to use the Slice tool in the sample editor, but is there no way to simply slice by snap size (ie: beats, 16th notes, etc)? I’m re-sampling lots of notes at a time, and it’d tedious to re-adjust the auto-generated markers (they aren’t always accurate, especially for low notes). Am I missing something?

You mean create equally sized slices automatically? I know there wasn’t a way to do this and I don’t think it was added. There is/was a Tool though.

Only certified for 2.7:

Also you do know Snap setting do work for adding Slices? So once you enable snap you will only insert Slices on Beats, 8th etc. Not as easy as a couple of clicks though ;)

Great, that tool is essentially what I’m looking for, thanks for the tip! Now, if only they’d update it to 2.8 compatibility :-X

autoslice on snap settings really needs to be a thing :confused: