Auto Suspend Feature For Vsti's Does Not Work?

Is it just me?

i have a track with Stylus1 playing drum loop, then on other pattern Stylus2 starting playing instead of Stylus1.
The weird part is that Stylus1 is using around 1% of CPU when it’s playing, and before Stylus2 starts to play, i shut down Stylus1 by setting “OFF” on that pattern, but when Stylus2 begins to play, the CPU of Stylus1 rises to 25% and this totally hurts the song… :(

Yes, the auto suspend feature is checked for all my Instuments…

I guess you understand what i wrote…

Tell me your experience on how to get the instrument shut down when i really need that so it does not use a lot of CPU…


by “stylus1” and “stylus2” you mean tw different versions of a plugin of two instances of the same plugin? in the second case, it looks like some static parts of the two instances are being shared between the two instances.

other than this, I don’t know what to say :unsure:

i just loaded Stylus as 2 different VSTi’s, but i’m playing them both on 1 track but on different patters (to save cpu on adding reverb/delay to different tracks if they were on different tracks)

why not use the send tracks? (S0,S1, etc…)

use the sendDevice!

Thanks for the suggestion, it surely works and makes sense. However it does not mean that Auto suspend feature works fine B)

then I believe it’s because of static variables.

Auto suspend works fine, but this problem has no solution

and don’t forget to decrease the voices in your stylus-instance … the resulting cpu-load of Renoise depends really on the maximum used voices in every stylus instance (or every synth with the same engine like stylus) … 8 voices poly for drums or loops are not needed most time