Auto-switch octave, NNA self cut, Move selection

Hello fellow trackers!

I’ve been using Soundtracker/Oktalyzer/Octamed for my tunes, since the early days of Amiga and discovered Renoise back in 2006. I’ve been a registered user since and use it mostly for non EDM/breakbeat stuff (I know perhaps this sounds weird for this kind of DAW, but I mostly make prog/post metal and rock stuff, ambient and jazz).

So here are my ideas (after searching in Tools and not finding anything similar):

-Ability to move selected area in sample editor by shift+dragging at start/end of selection
-Option to only NNA cut self note (when set to continue or note-off)

-Auto-switch to proper octave when clicking on a note.

-Ability to colorize pattern number boxes and/or names (or at least Sections) for easier navigation.



would “pick up instrument octave from current note column row” as a shortcut suffice? sounds like an interesting challenge, i could write it and add it into Paketti.

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hi, turns out Paketti already has this:
Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 9.56.55

“Capture Nearest Instrument and Octave”. hope that helps!

Would it be possible to make it capture the octave automatically, without the use of a shortcut?

i suppose, but that requires a notifier to be running at all times. it might be heavy, or it might not be. i could have a look at it. the way this currently works, with capturing the instrument and the octave, - one might not want to be capturing the instrument since it might get messy. capturing an octave might be a good trick to add to Paketti - but it would still require for it to be a preference, i.e. you toggle it On and then you toggle it Off. so a menu entry would be required. i’ll add it to my todolist.

edit: it’s on my todolist now:

Not the instument (which of course it would be a nice addition - as an option), just the octave. Thank you!

yep. i’ve got it working now. it picks up the octave the cursor is on. but after it picks it, if you change it, it’ll still refresh to the octave the cursor is on. this might not be what you’re after.

but i’ll add it to Paketti Preferences as something that can be toggled On/Off. i.e. either it picks it continually, or it never picks it up.

do let me know if any further details would make it better for your usecase, @Mano.G

@Mano.G ok i have this working for now. but it will not remember what the setting is, if you boot up Renoise. I’ll see about adding it to Paketti Preferences so that the setting is remembered.

here’s a video of it at work. there’s a shortcut and a menu entry.
record octavestep

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You sir are a legend! Wow!!! I salute you! :vulcan_salute:

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sent you a direct message with a VIP WIP of Paketti with Catch Octave. let me know how you get on.

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