Auto Www Info At Startup.


Yeah, this could be useful for people who don’t visit the forums/website very often (dunno who those weirdos are, though!).

I’m sure some people will of course say “OMFG tEh h@x!1! Renoise is phoning home! teH sPYwAr3z!!!” or something silly like that, and some people will simply not need/want this feature, so there should definitely be an option to disable it.

Agree. I hate it as well when apps start phoning home without letting you know. If we ever add an automatic update option it should be optional and disabled by default.

FWIW, I vote against an auto-updates feature. I always disable this in other apps.

Besides, we have forums and email notifications.

this is unnecessary.
if you’re really interested in the betas, it’s not too hard to check the forums or even the front page now and then.

also this would require taktik to waste time on network code :)

Not for the betas but for the realesed versions. I also have disabled all “phone home” features. But every month i push the “Look for update” Button. The reason?

Well i have more then 25 licens here. I dont have the time to browse 5 days per month to search all the sites. But today every “shit shareware tetris” have this funktion. Why not renoise?

Its not very hard to include this.


The most of my email notatins are also disabled, i also dont spend every day an hour the read all this.

My idee is only a little file (version.xml) onthe server were renoise can see the aktuel server version.

So he can give me (if i want) the information:

Renoise versions:
Server: Renoise 2.0
You:Renoise 1.8.5

Thats all. I have my information without emails, browsing ore other thinks.


Yea this would actually be a nice feature out of lazyness or as abrexxes said; out of timesaving.

Got my vote, however this comes in after the arranger. :P

I don’t want renoise to automatically connect to the internet, maybe it can be made an option in the preferences for the lazy ones :)

Nono, we’re talking about the option here, no forced updates.